Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Canadian Thanksgiving up here and there is a lot that we have been thinking about this weekend. Of course, there are all of the things that we are thankful for that we are thinking about, top of the list the two beautiful baby girls that are sleeping in the room next to this one right now. We've come a long way since last year at this time.

I think a lot about my IF sisters and my friends who helped me through this whole process...I give thanks for your presence in my life and how you all helped me through such a difficult and challenging time in my life. I only wish I could do more for you all because I will always be so grateful for your support.

I haven't forgotten you all. I may not comment on your blogs as much as I used to but I still read them and try to give support as much as I can.

This weekend was nice, not too busy with one family celebration Sunday night. For having two small kids, I think my DH and I do pretty well with entertaining and such. We hosted the dinner and roasted the turkey and did a few side dishes on top of that. It's easier that way to have everyone come to us b/c we are not willing to sacrifice the girls' naps/bedtime to go out. We know the difference between a well rested happy child and a very cranky and tired unhappy child and believe me, two unhappy children are hard to handle so we opt for well rested and happy most days. Besides, it is not forever that they will need such an early bedtime and such structure to their sleeping patterns and we are setting them up for later on in life.

My poor little Caitlyn got a stomach bug today and was vomiting all over me this morning. She lost her entire breakfast all over me and then couldn't keep down all of her lunch. Poor thing. This is the first time she's been sick and we weren't sure what to do and I was concerned that she was going to be dehydrated so we called Telehealth Ontario (a free, government run program which puts you into contact with a registered nurse 24 hours/7 days a week for advice regarding whether to treat at home, go to your doctor or go to the hospital/emergency). They were great and coached us through what to do and what to monitor for. Caitlyn was able to keep down her milk so I nursed her a little more frequently and then put her to bed without any solids. The nurse told me not to give her any solids until she hasn't thrown up for 8 hours, which would have been 10pm tonight and she's not up at that time. So, I'm probably going to have to get up to feed her a little more often tonight as she will likely be a little hungrier so I'd better get to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - I hope you had a good weekend!

My two baby girls...(Caitlyn on left, Victoria on right)